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How to dress for the ski season


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Feb 05, 2019

One of the best ways to escape the doom and gloom of city life during the cold, harsh days of winter is to take yourself (and whoever you have the most fun with) skiing. No matter whether you’re a total novice or have been skiing for as long as you could walk, there’s no denying the incredible feeling of arriving on the freshly powdered slopes, ready for one of the best weeks you’ll have all year, armed with incredible, envy-inducing kit that’ll turn even the most experienced of heads.

The same way that a new suit for a job interview makes you feel brand new or a fresh set of trainers tricks you into believing that the run you just had was the best of your life, a whole new set of ski kit is going to instil all kinds of confidence and have you looking (and feeling) like a pro from day one. Keep on reading for kit guaranteed to do just that…


Your base layer

Sure, your base layer may be the one piece that no one will actually see, but it’s probably the most important part of your outfit to get right. No matter how many times you stop off during the day for a hot chocolate or something stronger, skiing is still a sweat-inducing activity. And, without stating the blindingly obvious, you’re going to be in a very cold climate, too. You’re therefore going to need to go for something that keeps you dry and warm when the cold air hits – which is where this Under Armour duo come into play. Designed to literally be your second skin and protect you from the elements, you’ll soon wonder how you ever skied without them.



Your middle layer

There are generally two types of skiers. The first? A gentleman who takes the day slowly, stopping for varying forms of beverage whenever suits him, who skis gently and slowly and never strays off-piste. The second is the type of man who believes that stopping is for the faint hearted, who wants to make the most of every second he’s got on the slopes and who’s got adventure running through his blood. Depending which camp you fall into, you’ll either want to wear something slightly urban and more dressed up, or you’ll gravitate towards a more sporty and casual piece. Whichever you pick, be safe in the knowledge that you’re raising your style game slope by slope.



Your outer layer

The outer layer can often be the hardest part of the decision-making process because it can often be hard to strike the perfect balance between stylish and functional. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. A darker pair of trousers and a bright, stand-out jacket make for the perfect pairing - especially if you have a tendency to speed off ahead of the rest of your group. Pick something that’s got enough room to bulk up or take off layers and a piece made with function in mind to protect you from whichever element you’re exposed to that day.




Your added extras

Like many things in life, it’s the smallest parts that make the biggest difference. When it comes to skiing, there’s nothing worse than being too cold or too hot, so having versatile accessories is an absolute must. Without the right socks, gloves, hat and sunglasses or goggles, your day is going to be a total misery – so get it right and we guarantee you’ll never look back.



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