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Jun 18, 2019

As self-confessed BirchBox stashers, we all find loads of weird and wonderful ways to repurpose our boxes for trinkets and treasures throughout the years. Now the Paperchase X Birchbox is the fairest of them all, so we wanted to find a way to turn it into a place for equally beautiful things. That’s why we decided to turn it into a ring holder! Read on to find out how.


All we needed to make this DIY ring holder was:


First, cut about an inch from your air-drying clay, and roll it into cylinders. The larger your roll, the thicker the gaps between your rings will be. From each inch of clay, we made 3-4 rolls.

Continue doing this until you have enough cylinders to fill your box.


Take your first roll and using the glue gun, coat your clay with a thin line of glue. Start to wrap it in your paper, fabric or felt.


Roll your cylinder of clay until you can no longer see it and cut the paper. Spread a line of glue down your edge and stick down.


Continue in this way until you’ve wrapped all of your cylinders.


Once all of your cylinders are wrapped, you can start sticking them down into your box! Making sure your raw edge is on the bottom, us the glue gun to run another line of glue along the bottom of your cylinder. Stick down into the box.


Continue until all of your cylinders sit inside the box!



AND finished! You have a brand new box for all your treasures.


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