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Jul 24, 2019

It’s 2019 and if the nation has learned anything, it’s ‘never say never’. We’ve witnessed Trump become president after saying, ‘that’ll never happen’, threatening clowns storm the streets, and even a quite frankly disheartening trend of people eating washing machine pods. After all of that, what have we got to lose?


So we are challenging your stance on ‘I couldn’t take that to a meeting’ with some Point, Evidence, Explantation style facts for you.

Reasons why you might think you shouldn’t: They’ll think I’m a child. What about the people with ornithoscelidaphobia (fear of dinosaurs)? 

Reasons why you should: It’s so practical, you’ll never lose it. Shows high brow interest in palaeontology. Doubles as a great game in a budget meeting. No better way to get over your fear of dinosaurs.


Reasons why you might think you shouldn’t: Might come across attention-seeking and impractical

Reasons why you should: Provides a great sensory experience. Easily retrievable from your handbag,  Pom pom can also be used as a stress ball in time of need.


Reasons why you might think you shouldn’t: The concern people might not take you seriously.

Reasons why you should: Helps make important decisions. Invites collaborative working and proves to be a conversation starter. Reminds you of your true destiny as a unicorn princess when work starts getting tedious.


Reasons why you might think shouldn’t: It might make everyone hungry.

Reasons why you should: Shows you’re assertive and can take the heat. If Beyonce carries it in her bag, so should you. Don’t question the Queen.


Reasons why you might think shouldn’t: It could come across like you aren’t a team player. 

Reasons why you should: It shows you have a sense of humour. You don’t have to make small talk about whether you’re a cat of a dog person. Has room for loads of grumpy cat doodles. 


Reasons why you might think you shouldn’t: I’m an adult! The other adults will laugh!

Reasons why you should: Unicorns are not just for children. They’re magical, fun, bright coloured and make people happy. This is one majestic pen.


Meetings don’t have to be boring even if the people involved are (we’re looking at you, Jill in accounting). Loosen your equipment morals and mix up the pencil case contents. It’s time for the stationery revolution. 

Viva la pens.






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