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Comfort is confidence


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Aug 02, 2019

Comfort is confidence - meet our campaign stars

Say hello to our wonder women...

Introducing the faces of our lingerie campaign, here to spread body positivity in the comfort of their underwear. We've brought these diverse women together to celebrate the confidence-boosting power of comfy lingerie.

Jeanette's entry into our Beauty Community competition saw her become one of the faces in our campaign. Her application radiated positivity and an energy we couldn't ignore. Jenny, our in-store lingerie expert, was chosen as our store colleague winner. She works in our Swindon branch helping all kinds of women find their perfect fit every day. Through their championing of body positivity across social media, Natalie and Kristabel also encourage unapologetic self-love. Lauren is a breast cancer survivor, campaigner and broadcaster who has changed the conversation around cancer, co-presenting the trailblazing 'You, me and the big C' podcast. These unstoppable women are united by their journey towards self-acceptance.

Why did you want to be a part of the campaign?

Lauren, @iamlaurenmahon: "I've had breast cancer and now I don't, which is great! Before I got ill I would look at myself in the mirror and judge myself. I don't know why, as women, we beat ourselves with this stick that we have to look a certain way."


Jeanette: "I'm on a course to rebuild my own confidence. I got severely knocked four years ago when I lost one of my sons and with that I lost everything, including my body confidence, mentally and physically. This was a competition I saw and thought, yeah, I could do that."


Kristabel, @iamkristabel: "I really wanted to be a part of this campaign because I think it's so important to show different body types. I'm a bit straight up and down but that's absolutely fine."


Jenny: "I wouldn't have done this fifteen, twenty years ago when I had a really good figure. I was really slim and didn't have any stretch marks or cellulite, but you get to an age where you think actually, we all look good, we should all feel good."


Natalie, @stylemesunday: "I wanted to take part in this campaign because I love getting naked. It's nice to see women who look like me represented in the media."

What comes to mind when you think about body acceptance?

Lauren: "I used to not like things about myself, but having been through something so significant, my body has been so amazing and got me through this horrendous time. Now I try and look at my body neutrally and think this body is sick! It doesn't matter if it jiggles or that it's got scars, it's just important that I'm here."


Kristabel: "We all look a bit different, we've got different curves and stretch marks and we're all great, we just need to see more of it."


Jenny: "I think everyone should feel good regardless of what you look like, who you are, where you come from; we should all feel good naked."


"I look at my body and think you're amazing, this body is sick!" - Lauren "


What makes you feel confident?

Jeanette: "I think confidence comes from within, you grow it inside, but being surrounded by people that love and respect you makes me feel confident. Also, I love matching underwear; it just gives you confidence knowing you've got something lovely on underneath your clothes."


Natalie: "I feel confident when I've had a good night's sleep, am comfortable and have the people I love around me."


Jenny: "If my lingerie is fitting well, I feel good. You have a little strut around in front of the mirror when you put it on, don't you?"


Everybody deserves to feel confident, and comfortable lingerie is a great place to start.


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