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Sep 04, 2019

Inspired by the calm, poetic and understated aesthetics of Maria Van Nguyen, we’ve captured the Norwegian creative in her preferred habitat wearing luxurious end-of-summer essentials in premium qualities like silk, cashmere, and leather.

Based in Oslo, but often off to explore a new city, photographer Maria Van Nguyen (also a fashion designer and art director) captures the beauty of this world through her wandering lens. Her eye is drawn to motifs found in nature and architecture; spaces she says are filled with emotions that set things into perspective. We asked her to share some thoughts on aesthetics, inspirations, and what quality means to her in life, and fashion.    




“Like my mind, my aesthetics are calm, poetic and emotional. I’m confident in the way I dress, and feel at ease in understated, classic and relaxed garments in natural tones and materials.”



“To me, quality fashion means garments that are comfortable, timeless and long-lasting. It’s products that you value and treasure for years, and in return they make your life easier, allowing you to go about your day.”

“I’m attracted to light, both physically and metaphorically. As a photographer, I look for quiet scenes and will veer off to the side streets to observe the beauty of the mundane. I aim to capture moments that are relatable, as a reminder of how we are all connected.” 
“When I travel, I spend a lot of time at museums, walking through the streets, or posted up in parks – just observing.” 
“Quality in life means making time for solitude – hearing your own thoughts, expanding your knowledge, and spending time in nature. It’s being present while giving full attention to your closest ones and nurturing your relationships.”
“Nature is life. Nature is inspiration and guidance. Nature gives us perspective and allows us to reconnect with ourselves and our thoughts when we feel lost.” 


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