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How to write a card for…


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Nov 01, 2019

We’ve all been there. You’re sat at your desk minding your own business and on it drops a leaving card for Hannah from Marketing who you’ve barely ever spoken to. ‘Good luck in your next adventure’ has already been written 4 times and you’ve got certified writer’s block. This guide is for those of you who aren’t naturally sentimental. If you don’t know what to say to your boyfriends niece or just need some card writing ideas.




General pointers

Try and make it as personal as you can. Even if you barely know them – there’s always a way to make them feel special. Things like ‘ Here’s to more beers in your 31st year’ are always great. Avoid just writing Happy Birthday and signing your name. If you’re really struggling, get them a funny card or a card with a slogan and just explain why it reminded you of them, or why you thought they might like i t! Wish them happiness. Sign off with Love or from, don’t just write your name (unless you add a kiss or draw a little balloon)


What to write in a Birthday Card…

… for your Mum

Start with 3 things your mum is excellent at – tell her why you love her. Mention that you wish you got to spend more time with her. Say that she deserves to be spoilt and show that you appreciate her!


… to be funny: This one’s easy – just think of a time when you were with the recipient and something funny happened. You could draw a little picture to depict it. If not, just make a really mean joke about how (insert) old / grumpy / lazy / always drunk they are.


… for your girlfriend. Your girlfriends exceptional at card writing. You seem to receive a card for every occasion, not just your birthday. Treat her to a lovely birthday message by following these simple steps.

1. Say happy birthday

2. Make sure you know how old she is (mention it)

3. Tell her you’re proud of all she’s achieved so far – mention an example

4. Say that you’re excited for the future and what (insert new age) will bring

5. Give some context about what made you choose her gift – make it thoughtful

6. Sign off with ‘ Love you’

7. Date it (she’ll love that)


…to your dad: Keep it short and sweet! Say something affectionate and follow with a joke. Mention that you’ll take him for a beer. Call him an adorable nickname.


How to write a card for your best friend

Be cute. Tell them how much you love them. Why you’re so grateful to have them, mention a time where they’ve been the best friend ever. It could be a time when they’ve rolled you home or a time they’ve held your hand under the table. Friends are the best thing in life and even i f you aren’t naturally soppy, this is a place to tell them what they mean to you.


How to write a card for your boss

Call them the best boss (even if it’s a l i e). Tell them to enjoy the celebrations. Wish them the best year of their life. Keep it generic, unless your best mates, which you’re probably not – because you’re reading this.


How to write in a leaving card

Check that no ones used any of these phrases, write the one they haven’t. Good luck in your next job

  1. You’ll be missed
  2. Sorry to see you go
  3. It was great working with you
  4. It won’t be the same without you
  5. What will we do without you?
  6. Don’t go!
  7. I hope the new place i s really fun
  8. You won’t find friends like us

You’ll smash it If you’re still stuck, we suggest you just send a text!

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