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The Ultimate Valentine's Gift List


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Feb 10, 2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to share the love, whether that’s with your girls, a special someone, or yourself! 


Because we care, here are our top gift ideas this Valentines for everyone in your life, whether they’re the fitness influence you love to hate, the earth lover helping you make conscious choices or that person who is always up for a night in!


Plus, if your special someone is a little bit … slow on picking up the hints, just send this to them and act surprised on the 14th!

Happy V-Day, lovers.



For the travel lover

Always the first person to send you cheap flight deals, the self-proclaimed tour leader of the group and the person who makes you jealous with their #TravelGoals Instagram feed. These gifts are for them. 



For the fitness lover 

The person who believes the gym isn’t just for January, they’re always in the know about the latest fitness trend – goat yoga? They’ve tried that. These are the gifts for them.



For the earth lover

The person who makes considered choices, who was vegan before it was cool and can tell you the best vegan treats that taste amazing. These gifts are for them. 



For the lover of all things sparkly

The person whose eyes widen at the sight of something glistening (in other words, the human version of a magpie). For them, a little sparkle is never enough. These gifts are for them.



For the lover of self-love

The person whose cupboard is always stacked with facemasks, who will remind you to take time for yourself and is always up for a night in with movies and snacks. These gifts are for them.



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