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Easy Crafts for Kids to do at Home in Self Isolation


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May 05, 2020

Here are our Top 10 easy crafts for tots and older children…

1. Home painting

Whether water-based, pastel, watercolour, or oil, all kids love expressing their imaginations through colourful paints. For instance, let them freestyle or even perhaps help them paint a rainbow for your window, to give hope to others passing by…

2. Printing

Kids love making their own stamp. For example, half a potato and help them cut in a pattern, to dip in paint and print something wonderful. They could even design their own personalised wrapping paper, if you have some large A3 sheets to work on. No potatoes? No problem! Similarly, Bubble wrap works just as well.

3. Shadow drawing

Why not make use of any sunshine we might get in the next few weeks and get the family outside to do some shadow drawing? Ask kids to choose their favourite models or toys, then create some nice shadow pictures.

4. Stencilling

Stencilling is a fantastic way for tots to develop both fine motor skills and eye-hand co-ordination. Younger children can use stencil templates to both colour draw or cut around. This increases the use of their little muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists. Hence, stencilling also assists kids to manoeuvre vertical, horizontal and circular strokes, learning to form shapes, letter or numbers.

6. Jewellery making

Jewellery making has a timeless appeal. Making paper bracelets, friendship bracelets or loom bands are great ways to spend a few hours, whilst still being productive. In addition, for the more advanced, making earrings with glass beads and charms is a cute way for your little one to make personalised birthday or Christmas presents. Hobbycraft sells everything you might need.

7. Pour-painted pots

Got acrylic paint and some flower pots? After that, you can start pouring and make some crazy creations!

8. Collages

Don’t throw away all those Sunday supplements and glossy magazines, which have been a saviour as light reading this week! Now you can give them to the kids to cut out (help may be required for this part) any interesting people, animals, patterns or anything else of interest. Provide a Pritt Stick and some blank paper and encourage them to fill all the space, layering pictures up. Let them create some colourful collages for the wall or fridge.



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