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Costa Coffee Flat White or Latte Recipe


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May 11, 2020

Bring the taste of Costa Coffee home with this mouthwatering recipe to help you make the perfect Flat White or Latte using instant coffee, straight from your kitchen!

Ingredients : 

  • Oatly Barista Edition (or our whole and semi versions would work too!)
  • Instant Coffee 


  1. Heat 200ml of Barista Edition, both the hob and a microwave can be used for this. You are aiming for a temperature that is just too hot to touch, but not boiling. In a coffee shop, the barista will often have one hand on the jug whilst steaming, and when the jug is too hot to touch they know it is the right temperature.
  2. Whilst this is happening, dissolve one teaspoon of instant coffee in a splash of hot water. If you are a double or triple shot kind of person, increase the coffee. If vanilla is your thing you could also add a drop of vanilla extract here. If you have a stovetop espresso maker, you can replace the instant coffee with this.
  3. When a barista is steaming for a latte, they aren’t just heating, they are also incorporating air, which is what we need to do next. Pour the Barista Edition into a cafetière, and put the plunger in and down so the lid is on. Push the plunger up and down quite quickly so the fine mesh comes above the surface of the liquid before going down again. The liquid should increase in size in 10-20 seconds. You can incorporate more air at this stage to make more of a Cappuccino, or less air to make more of a Flat White.
  4. With the plunger plunged pour the foamed Barista Edition into the mug so that it incorporates with the coffee at the bottom, by gently swirling the mug with one hand as you pour with the other. 


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