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How To Make Your Own Christmas Tree Place Settings


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Dec 07, 2020

Add a personal touch to your festive table with these lovely little Christmas tree place settings! This is a really fun festive activity for both adults and little ones. These place settings are easy to make with a simple set of materials and serve as a great blank canvas for Christmas creativity. Create a whole forest of pretty pines and customise to your heart’s content! 

What you’ll need

We’ve included templates to give you a helping hand but feel free to design your own tree and star!

How to make Christmas tree place settings

1. Draw around the Christmas tree template on a piece of card and cut out. Repeat three times, so that you have four trees, and then fold each one in half along the line. Draw around the star on a different coloured piece of card and cut it out. Cut along the line at the bottom of the star to create a slit.

2. Apply glue to the back of each tree. Stick two halves of two trees together and repeat with the other two trees. Then stick both pairs of trees together to create a four-fold standing tree.

3. Write your guest’s name on the star and then slot it on to the top of the tree. Decorate with stickers and ta-da! The first of your Christmas tree place settings is complete.

Top tip

Get creative with your choice of card and stickers! You could create a rainbow of trees in true Paperchase style, opt for sparkly or shiny card, or pick stickers to match your guests’ personalities. The possibilities are endless!

We love seeing your crafty creations so please tag us in your merry masterpieces! @frompaperchase


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