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Dec 23, 2021

Face creams & moisturisers:

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but what about your skin? Our range of face moisturisers and face creams are formulated to give your skin what it needs to help look and feel its best. Our night and day creams are enriched with a range of naturally inspired ingredients. Try Roots of Strength™ to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, or our Aloe Soothing Day Cream for sensitive skin. If moisture is what you’re after, select from our Vitamin E range. And for combination skin? We recommend the Seaweed range to help get that balance right. Want to learn how to keep your skin type happy? Read our guide to the best face moisturisers.

Hand Creams:

Hard working hands need some hard working TLC. Whether you’re washing dishes, scrolling feeds or plain grafting, when it comes to your skin we can lend a helping hand. We all know how important it is to keep skin hydrated, and this gets trickier in the colder months. Our range of hand moisturisers are here to help give your hands a much-needed moisture hug. From hand creams, such as our bestselling Hemp Hand Protector, to our range of mini hand creams (perfect for popping into your handbag), we've got your hand hydration covered. Say farewell to dry hands.

Lip balms & butters:

Lips: we use them to kiss, chat, smile—all the important stuff—so rightly so, we need to look after them. Pamper your pout to perfection with our lip care range. We’ve got lip balms, lip butters, lip roll-ons and other lip care products, formulated to help deal with dry lips. Heard the hype about Born Lippy™ Lip Balm?? It’s not just lip service! A nourishing hit will help to keep your lips looking healthy. Another fruity favourite, our Lip Juicers will give your pout a moisture hit and silky smooth finish. Last but by no means least, our pocket-friendly powerhouse, Coconut Lip Butter – enriched with Community Fair Trade shea butter goodness. Pucker up!

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