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5 reasons why the 1955 Club is the best café in Walton-on-Thames

Posted: Feb 02, 2021


It is no secret that the catering industry has fallen on extremely hard times, but fortunately for us, cafe's like the 1955 Club are powering through with their takeaway services. If you need a treat to get you and your children through lockdown 3.0 then give them a visit; they're open everyday from 8am-4pm.

Here are 5 reasons why the 1955 Club is the best café in Walton-on-Thames (and why it'll get you through lockdown):


Hot Chocolate

They have an amazing selection of hot chocolate. You can customise yours with flavours including: gingerbread, caramel, hazelnut, almond and more. Alternatively, go for one from the exclusive range!

Deluxe Hot Chocolate

If you haven't yet tried the 1955 deluxe hot chocolate, then you're missing out on a cup of molten bliss. Topped with Chantilly cream, Smarties, marshmallows, and, if you're really feeling naughty, a flake, it is sure to free you from your lock down blues. Ideal to take along on your riverside walks.

Mint Hot Chocolate

If you are a mint fan go for the mint hot chocolate. It's a bit like drinking an Aero!

Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate

A particularly special hot chocolate, created in collaboration with two chocolate orange loving customers. With pieces of Terry's Chocolate orange melted into the milk, it is completely decadent, but well worth it! Ask for it topped with whipped cream, and if you're really lucky, you may even get an orange zest garnish to top it off ;)

(You can also ask for an alternative milk, including almond, oat and soya)

Don't forget to tag @the1955clubwalton in a picture of you and your hot choc on Instagram!


In no other place in Elmbridge will you find more personable staff. They are always happy to help and the professional baristas will tailor your hot drink to your liking.

You can't put a price on the positive attitude of the baristas at a time like this. We could all do with a friendly (and different) face every now and then. They know all of the regulars and if you go regularly enough will have your drink ready and waiting when you arrive!


The burgers are amazing! Tailor yours to your preferences with an array of extras including: cheddar cheese, blue cheese, avocado, jalapenos, crispy bacon and more!

They do a variety of burgers from vegan and veggie to the classic chicken and beef. The Beyond Meat burger is worth a mention; it's entirely vegan, yet surprisingly meat-like in texture, this is a very popular choice and definitely worth a try.


Looking for a way to treat the children after a long day of home-schooling madness? Why not take them for a walk into town and grab them a kids thick shake (yes, they do small ones!) . The most popular flavours include Oreo, caramel, Nutella, Lotus biscuit and chocolate orange.

You can also mix and match flavours- get creative and try something different. Peanut butter and Nutella? Smartie and Kit Kat? Use your imagination!

N.B. If you're feeling something healthier, they also have a great selection of fruity smoothies :)


The cafe's Classic Blend coffee is the best in Walton and highly appraised on Trip Advisor. Try it out on your next trip into town.

The Baristas are always on hand to tell you about the cafe's signature blend of Italian coffee beans from Bean Smitten. If you have a coffee maker at home and find their coffee irresistible, you can buy a packet at the café which they will grind for you. If this isn't service enough- they will even grind the beans specific to your coffee maker!

It is very important to keep supporting independent businesses at this time. We need to make sure they'll still be open when lockdown measures are lifted. So, next time you need a friendly face or you're craving your daily sugar hit, The 1955 Club is definitely the place to go, just remember to respect social distancing!


Credit: Victoria Ellison




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